In Press
David Dimbleby - BBC TV
"Delicious Dinner"
Richard Alvin - Docklands News
Great food, Great services, Great!
Clive Randall - Docklands Business Club
An Absolutely superb meal & drinks thoroughly enjoyed & well served
Andy Giles
Lovely food and excellent service will be back very soon thank you
Tony Wares - Northern Trust
Excellent food + Service will definitely come back!
Emma de Nacefezs
Scrummy Food! Great service, we'll be back.
Jacqui Stanford
Excellent food a great addition to the Limehouse ward!!
Paul Clark - Deputy Chairman, East London
Simply exquisite! Well done will definitely come back!
Mark Challinor - Evening Standard
Really wonderful night' Staff Very friendly, food excellent. Recommended!
Katharine Rudd - National Magazine co. (Cosmopolitan)
Fabulous Service, food excellent, would recommend for sure
Lesley Ellwood Editor, E14 Magazine/Royal Docks Review
Fabulous Food, excellent service, spicy atmosphere! Many thanks
Lucy Shrapnell
We had a wonderful evening in superb surroundings. We will be back Soon!
Jim Fitzpatrick MP
Superb Cuisine, Great Service and in the heart of my constituency!! Good Luck
Dekan Apajee
Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great lighting, Great Champagne
Stephen Clarke
Great food + Great service, I am a big fan of the Spice Club (Sevenoaks) now I don't have to go so far
Jane Witherspoon
Food & service was great! Brought local friends who will definitely be back as I Will recommend to viewers and listeners.
Giles Ellwood - Canary Wharf Magazine
Fantastic as usual